Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visto JavaScript Framework (VistoJS)

Quote from site:
The Visto JavaScript Framework (VistoJS) integrates KnockoutJS, JQuery and RequireJS (and TypeScript) to provide the programming model known from .NET XAML and MVVM: It is possible to implement views with "code-behind" and bindings to view models, declaratively load subviews in HTML and navigate between pages - all in a single-page application.

The main advantages of this library is that it allows to develop component-based and implement reusable views which are composed of predefined programming blocks (view, view model and HTML). These views can be reused as sub views, in dialogs or as page instances. The programming API and paradigm is very similar to the one found in Windows Phone XAML or Windows 8 Store Apps programming (MVVM pattern, view "code-behind", paging/navigation).

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