Sunday, December 14, 2008

IronPython - SIlverLight

Here is the adapted version of ScottGu sample

from System.Windows import Application
from System.Windows.Controls import UserControl

class App:

root = None

def MyButton_Click(self,s,e):
App.root.MyButton.Content = "Pushed"
App.root.Message.Text = "MyButton has been pushed"

def __init__(self):
App.root = Application.Current.LoadRootVisual(UserControl(), "app.xaml")
App.root.Message.Text = "Welcome to Python and Silverlight!"
App.root.MyButton.Content = "Push Me"
App.root.MyButton.Click += self.MyButton_Click


The xaml code

<UserControl x:Class="System.Windows.Controls.UserControl"

<Grid x:Name="layout_root" Background="White">
<TextBlock x:Name="Message" FontSize="55" />
<Button x:Name="MyButton" Content="Push Me" Width="100" Height="50" />


Silverlight 2 and app.xap

Found of Python, i was in search of running xap files from the filesytem without success
Until I read this post :

Srivatsn Narayanan
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I was running into the same issue but you can specifically ask Chiron to zip the app folder by doing:
Chiron /d:app /z:app.xap. The /z switch adds the dlr assemblies as well. This xap runs from cassini.

Thanks Srivatsn