Thursday, May 27, 2010

Using Repository and Unit of Work patterns with Entity Framework 4.0
If you have been watching this blog, you know that I have been discussing the various aspects of POCO capabilities we added to Entity Framework 4.0. POCO support makes it possible to do persistence ignorance with Entity Framework in a way that was never possible with Entity Framework 3.5.

If you missed the series on POCO, I’ve listed them here for your convenience. It might be a good idea to quickly check these out.

POCO in Entity Framework : Part 1 – The Experience

POCO in Entity Framework : Part 2 – Complex Types, Deferred Loading and Explicit Loading

POCO in Entity Framework : Part 3 – Change Tracking with POCO

In this post, I’d like to look at how we might be able to take our example a bit further and use some of the common patterns such as Repository and Unit Of Work so that we can implement persistence specific concerns in our example.